FREe Surface Hydrodynamics using KInetic SchemeS in 3D

Freshkiss3D is a software solving the 3D hydrostatic and incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with free surface and variable density. It uses stable and robust numerical methods developed by the Inria team ANGE to simulate a wide variety of hydrodynamic flows like hydrological disasters such as tsunamis and floods, hydrodynamics-biology coupled flows with species convection-diffusion, Lagrangian particle tracking or geophysical flows such as thermohaline stratification. Find more about Freshkiss3D’s numerical methods in References.


Examples of simulations carried out with Freshkiss3D.

Freshkiss3D comes with a high level Python API built around a compiled core written in Cython to combine flexibility with efficiency and allow users to build and solve complex hydrodynamic problems. Freshkiss3D generate outputs in VTK format compatible with post-processing tool like ParaView.


Freshkiss3D is available for Linux distributions and Mac OS X / M1. Visit the Get started section for more information on how to get the code, install it and run it.


To get started with Freshkiss3D, read the Get started section and Gallery of examples section which contains basic Python scripts and tutorials using Freshkiss3D’s Python API. For more information on the mathematical models and numerical methods used in Freshkiss3D see the References section.

Water drop simulation showing free-surface and mesh motion

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